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PS 1.7.4 cart total is correct but incorrect tax label


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we have set our web to sell in EU with TAX included and everything going well. but when setting to sell outside EU, the price should be "TAX Excl".

but in the cart for outside EU visitors and registered customers, the total price is correct without TAX, but it display beside it "TAX incl" even though the prices are correct without TAX.

we bought "GEO targeting pro" module and spoke with them, after checking they said it is prestashop bug, and they issue a ticket but so far we haven't get any reply on that ticket.

Can anybody here support us with this issue.


thanks in advance.

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Did you check Backoffice > Shop Parameters > Customer Settings > Groups > Guest > Price display method ?
And are the taxes for set correctly in international > Taxes?

And last but not least, please test if this does work correctly with the default Prestashop theme, because some theme's have a minor bug with this.

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