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Prestashop upgrade (ps1.3 to ps1.4) - Modules Related


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Continuing with my questions about upgrading to the latest prestashop although still in beta.
I have written a few modules for our shop (currently ps1.3.6) is there any special consideration to take into account when ready to upgrade to ps1.4 ? what aspects should I take care of ? currently we are in the process of modifying our custom template in order to make it ps1.4 compatible ( actually we are just modifying the default ps theme to make it look like the one we customized from ps1.2.5) and the next step would be the modules.

thanks for any help


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look here, it is useful.
do not forget to copy relevant config files and modules as mentioned in the website.
pay attention there is little change in database,two tables disapear.
also as Bruno Lévêque said,in tpl files ,if you want to change from smarty 2 to smarty 3 ,you should change something.
also some people and i meet a problem,i do not know if you will meet it.: set in the database manuelly the table "config",change the value of PS_FORCE_SMARTY_2 to 0.
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