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Changing order-address panel


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I have already created some changes in the address panel but I want to commit some more.
Firstly I want to cancel either the delivery or invoice address (as I don't require both of them) an one and 'spread' the remaining in one column.
I assume that deleting a column include some changes in the CSS but i'm not sure.
Is it possible to use an option like display:none for fields under one of the address such as :

In addition, please advise how can I delete the drop down menu .
Take a look at the attached illustration.


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I am looking at the same idea for the order-address panel.

I'm building a UK based website and I have already made changes to most of the cart process and this was next on my list until I noticed you post.

Would be really interested in how you achieved your changes.


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I think it's just a matter of editing the order-adress.tpl template, in /themes/prestashop. Just make a backup and just adjust the layout to meet your requirements.
Any visual-related changes usually require changing the CSS stylesheet.

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