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[SOLVED] Problem positioning facebook like button in Presahop theme


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Hello forum!

I recently installed the facebook like button module (works great!!!) However I am not satisfied with the currently positioning of the Fb like button. I tried going to BO and transplanting it, but nothing happens. I would like to position the like button directly under the "add to cart" button. Is there any guidance on how this can be achieved?

Thanks in advance...

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Thanks for the post!
As I'm new to prestashop the only hooks for the facebook module are the ones thats listed in Backoffice/modules/postions/transplant a module.
Question: Where can you find "productactions hook" located in the add to cart block?

Thanks, and awaiting your reply...

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I'm not acquainted with this module.
So I can only offer advice.

Try to find function public function hookProductActions($params)
in /modules/ModuleName/ModuleName.php

If you will find it, you can position facebook button at Product actions in BO->modules->Positions

If no, add this function to php file

public function hookProductActions($params)
   return $this->hookRightColumn($params);

hookRightColumn is only example. You have to use one of the hook functions defined in the module's class .

Disclaimer :)
I'm not sure if it will work as I did not see this module.

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hey guys,

help required with the positioning topic....
struggling to figure this out...
if anyone can point me in the right direction

See attached picture...

looking to move that info from the RED block to the yellow Block..



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