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New shop, 1.7?

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I want to install a new Prestashop for our new shop. A year ago i asked about 1.7.
Every says: do not update/use 1.7.

But, with many updates, i still read: do not update! 1.7 is still full with bugs, and there are no nice updates, only less features.
Is that correct?

Is 1.7 a problem? Not ready to use it?
What kind of features does it delete?

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I would suggest to install the PS1.7 on demo store & check if it's fulfilling your requirement OR not. 

BTW, Prestashop 1.6 support will end in October 2018 as mentioned in the below URL so sooner OR later you have to move to PS1.7



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Let's be clear: Prestashop is not a charity. They make money by selling modules. PS 1.7 comes with fewer modules than PS 1.6. Simple example: a sitemap module does not exist for free like in PS 1.6.

So prepare yourself to spend more money in order to maintain your online retail store with ps 1.7.


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Thanks! I am gonna check for Wordpress, i have build a few sites with it, but never used Woocommerce. Maybe it is time for that with all that paid modules.
Prestashop wasn't anytime 100% good, almost always there was 'something' going on.

For example:
1 site does have problems with the voucher code. Sometimes people needs to enter a voucher code, otherwhise there stays an error with the message that it is required of something.

And another site does have the problem with the ZIP code..but only a few people, and not on the same device/browser, so it is very hard to remove all the bugs..

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I would say it is nearly impossible to remove all the bugs. We are moving to Woocommerce as well. Great to hear that we are not the only ones!

Prestashop has been (sort of) great while it lasted. It's a shame they messed it up this much. Skip 1.7 and backport the best features to 1.6. That might give the software another chance, but it looks like they have placed their bets on us just being stupid and hope that pay for everything again. Well, guess what? We are smarter than that! Strange, huh?

Just at the European GDPR module if you need an example of where the company is headed... Prestashop sucks!

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