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google checkout won't capture reference or EAN13 infomation


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google checkout won't capture the reference or EAN13 information during checkout. it will only capture the name and description and attribute. i was trying to modify the gcheckout.php file in the gcheckout folder but failed.
line 131:
$googleCart->AddItem(new GoogleItem(utf8_decode($product['name'].($product['attributes'] != ""?" - ".$product['attributes']:"")), utf8_decode($product['description_short']), intval($product['cart_quantity']), Tools::convertPrice($product['price_wt'], $currency)));

anyone know how to edit this line in order to capture the reference or EAN13 infomation? i am using prestashop 1.3x.
thanks for your help.

my demo website: www.dressicho.com

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