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Quick View Price not updating


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Hello. The problem i'm encountering is that my price is not displaying correctly after the volume discount only in the quick view.

For example the original price for the product is at $12, when quantity is at 5, the price will be at $10.

When I go into the product page, and chose quantity as 5, it shows $10 but when i into quick view and choose 5, it remains at $10.

Could anyone please help me with this? I've compared the product.tpl and quickview.tpl and they look similar.

I've attached the quickview.tpl.

If I remove the "hidden" word inside the block product_refresh, a refresh button will appear and when I press refresh on the page, the price will be updated.

I need it to update automatically instead of unhide it and press refresh manually.

Thanks for the help!


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