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[SOLVED] Third Party modules does not show in backoffice


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1. check the folder and files of new module permissions are set the same as other modules?
2. set 'display_errors' to 'on' in /config/config.inc.php file, to see if there any error appears, it will give you some clue.
3. check if there is following lines exists on the top of your module class file /modules/modulename/modulename.php
Please you find these line, try to comment it out and see if it will appears or not.

if (!defined('_CAN_LOAD_FILES_'))

above is what I can consider at this moment.

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1. Where can you find the permissions? I don’t know alot about programming.

You can check it by any ftp client tool or at your site file manager.

3. I did not find the module class file/faq/php folder.

Sorry it is a typo of mine, I have corrected my previous post.
It should be file name /modules/faq/faq.php
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I checked the package, it seems that the module is not for PrestaShop, so it is nature it doesn't work.
I should noticed that you have mentioned "drupal"at your first post. This FAQ module only works drupal.

You need to download FAQ module that works for PrestaShop if you are using it for PrestaShop.

By the you can download one from here.

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