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Paypal 4.4.1 not showing up at all on checkout page .


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Yesterday I make the mistake to upgrade my Paypal version  4.0.1 to version 4.4.1. in my prestashop version

The results is was  not showing up in native prestashop checkout or in my onepagecheckout as payment type.

I checked the configuration of module it is ok , also the language and the location  and also at payments prefencences 

to be all setup with carriers and payments and also  countries.

 The module still not showing at checkout and I cannot understand what happened, and dissapearend 

I tryed unistall and install again but nothing . 

Also i put the old module from a backup by ftp but nothing !!

No error messange on the screen just the module dint want to showing up and work !!


Anyone who can help ? and knows this issue ?

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exactly the same is happening to me, did you find a reason/solution for this issue?

Paypal team are washing their hands of the matter and insist this is a Prestashop issue, I cannot find an answer.

thank you in advance


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Same here.

Prestashop and  PayPal & Braintree Official module ver. 4.4.2. Configuration was successful, shop connected with PayPal, and yet at the checkout it says Unfortunately, there is no payment method available.

I verified settings for all countries and currencies and it looks ok.

I can't believe this problem is not fixed since August 2018...


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OK, I managed to find out what was a problem, maybe my solution will be of some help to some of you.

So my problem was that PayPal module for some reason wasn't registered in paymentOptions hook.

This module (PayPal & Braintree Official module ver. 4.4.2) was downloaded from official Prestashop modules website, not some third-party. I successfully downloaded zip file, uploaded in BO, configured properly, so I don't know why hook registration didn't work.

First I tried to transplant PayPal module to paymentOptions (in BO, in Design->Positions). That didn't work.

What did work was I added it to the database using phpmyadmin. I found out that PayPal module has id_module 70 and paymentOptions hook has id_hook 244. Having that information I added a row inps_hook_module: INSERT INTO `ps_hook_module` (`id_module`, `id_shop`, `id_hook`, `position`) VALUES ('70', '1', '244', '1');

I hope this helps.

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Can someone walk me through the steps of this solution? I don't have any experience with phpadmin or adding rows to databases. 

I could not locate "ps_hook_module" anywhere. Can you be more specific about the directory in which it is located?

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First of all, you need to verify if you have the same problem as me. Install some other free payment module like Skrill or Stripe (no need to configure it) and then go to back office, Design -> Positions and in the searchbar type Payment. PayPal and Skrill should be in the same hooks, especially in paymentOptions hook. If Skrill is there and PayPal isnt, this is a problem. In front office Skrill would work properly and show up in checkout while PayPal wouldn't.

First you need to get access to PhpMyAdmin. Very often it is in cPanel or other panel that comes with your hosting.

In phpmyadmin you need to identify Prestashops database (left panel), it is the one you configured when installing PS. In that database you need to find specific tables. In my database all tables have prefix ps_ but in your case it may be something else so I will refer to it as xx_. So we need to find two tables, one is xx_module and the other is xx_hook. First you need to find out what is id_module of PayPal in xx_module. If you click on xx_module you will see a table of all modules with id_module assigned. In my case PayPal module has id_module 70. Then we go to xx_hook which is a table listing all hooks. We want to find out about paymentOptions hook so we look for it in the table. I found out that paymentOptions hook has id_hook 244.

Now the harder part.

Newbie friendly way:

We need to look at yet another table called xx_hook_module. This table connects modules to hooks. You should order the table by id_hook so that you can see all better how many modules are assigned to each hook. In my case I had to find id_hook 244 which had some modules assigned to it (Skrill was id_module 104). I copied the row with id_module 104 and changed id_module from 104 to 70 because paypal is number 70 in my case.

Alternative, SQL way is to just execute query: 

INSERT INTO `xx_hook_module` (`id_module`, `id_shop`, `id_hook`, `position`) VALUES ('70', '1', '244', '1');

Values my be different in your case and remember to replace xx_. You put this query in SQL tab in phpmyadmin.


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Great, that helps a lot!  

so I made these changes and made sure that my Paypal id_module was position 1 out of the 3 that were attached to the paymentOptions hook. 

however, the PayPal option is still not showing up.  any other recommendations to try?

as you can see in the photo, under my hook_module the paymentOptions is  196, and PayPal module is 61.

Screen Shot 2019-04-06 at 5.31.46 PM.png

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I'd try to compare PayPal to Skrill or other payment module to find out if perhaps PayPal is missing in some other hooks. My intuition tells me that all payment modules should be in the same hooks so if you see Skrill somewhere but not PayPal then you need to add it. Of course you need to check the basics in BO as well, Payment Preferences must have PayPal assigned to currency, customer groups etc. Please don't take my advice as a gospel, I am mostly as confused as you, and not a developer at all, so my specific solutions may not work for you. Pity that PS forums lack help from more professional people especially with such a capricious software as Prestashop 1.7.

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