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Hi everyone,
The GDPR is in place nowadays.
1 of the factors I have taken into account is to make personal data anonymous from accounts which are older than 3 year.
I work with Prestashop (I know, an old version). Now I would like to automate this process (making accounts anonymous that no longer have placed an order during the last 3 years).
Can I simply create a script that adjusts the data directly in the Prestashop database?
Changes would mainly concern the following matters:
_address table (lastname, firstname, company,...)
_customer table (lastname, firstname, email)
_customer_thread (email)
_mail (recipient)
Can I simply change (anonymize) the above fields in the corresponding tables without corrupting the database or changing any behaviour of Prestashop itself?
Finally: can I also set the "active" and "deleted" fields to 0 and 1 respectively in the table _customer? Or does the latter cause problems or corruption?
Thanks in advance.
- Kevin
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