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Technical performance auditor required

Sathish Kumar

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Currently we're running prestashop 1.6 with many custom modules and many satellite systems connected by APIs, Webservice & FTP flows for the sake of logistics, product catalog etc ..,


We need an expert to perform an performance diagnosis across the Prestashop ecosystem to understand 

  • Points to fix to obtain best performance & stability
  • Suggest best development practices


Please PM me with your profile.


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Hi, we have provided one of the best peformance services for PrestaShop for years.

Learn more here:


we charge a flat rate for doing performance forensics,  from this we create list of to do's for PrestaShop tuning and hosting.  Then we flat rate those changes.

Our clients have realized great improvements,  done by experts....

Request quote from link above,  yea we run PrestaShop, the only Partner Agency to do so. :)

Happy selling, el

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