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"Reviews" tab translation

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I'm currently using Prestashop version and installed Product comments module. Was able to translate almost all to my local language (Portuguese). Unfortunately Can't find a way to translate "Reviews" tad on product view page. I've noticed that the module folder does not appear on my theme modules folder. Tryied to copy tad string from en.php to pt.php:


$_MODULE['<{productcomments}prestashop>tab_34e80a799d144cfe4af46815e103f017'] = 'Reviews';


but with no success eather.

Help please!

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Just go to „modules/productcomments” folder and open „productcomments.php”.

Find this line: $tabz[] = (new PrestaShop\PrestaShop\Core\Product\ProductExtraContent())->setTitle($this->l('Reviews'))->setContent($this->hookProductFooter($params)); , and change Reviews title with your own.

That`s it.

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