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Back Office Password issue

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Hi everyone,


I have not been able to log in into my back office since now almost two weeks.

The password that always worked do not work anymore.


I have tried clicking the link "forgotten password"

It says a new password has been generated and sent to me via email... but i receive nothing


I am using presteshop


Have tried calling Prestashop support tel number -44-2-036 971 999

But it s just an answering machine going on what seems to be indefinite loops of proposing you the same thing over and over.


My passwords are all kept very safe

I'm not sure how can someone access my back office and change the related email address and password


i am an extra newbie, if someone please give me a lead on how to get out of this tight spot, it would be greatly appreciated, i see Prestashop offer a service to help you "recover" your password at the cost of like 60 euro.


It's not like i misplaced it, feels wrong to pay for something like that ...


I understand if prestashop is not making much money on themes and modules, but charging so expensive for basic customer service seems a bit off.


I'll stop my ranting right there :-)


thanks anyway for reading and extra thanks to the kind souls who will take the time to leave a comment







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