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[SOLVED]ajax question


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Could someone point me where is implemented the transfer effect when you add a product to the cart from the product page ?
Also I cannot find in the sources of /themes/../product.tpl nor /product.php where the script that implements it is called.

thanks for any help



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looking better at the ajax-cart.js, it looks like this part of the code isnt wotking

//JS Object : update the cart by ajax actions
var ajaxCart = {

   //override every button in the page in relation to the cart
   overrideButtonsInThePage : function(){
       //for every 'add' buttons...
           var idProduct =  $(this).attr('rel').replace('ajax_id_product_', '');
           ajaxCart.add(idProduct, null, false, this);
           return false;
       //for product page 'add' button...
here====>    $('body#product p#add_to_cart input').unbind('click').click(function(){
           ajaxCart.add( $('#product_page_product_id').val(), $('#idCombination').val(), true, null, $('#quantity_wanted').val(), null);
           return false;
  ......rest of the code .......

in my product.tpl there is in deed this , how do you call this ? nodes ? I mean the tags <body id="product"> ....

but some how that code in ajax-cart isnt working

does anybody knows how to debug or somethinh this ajaxcode, I am using eclipse for php if that helps


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