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push in cart wrong image url

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Hi to all,

recently we bought Push On Cart module for our website. But i have a small problem with displaying images.

The image in fact does not show:


I found out that the img url is wrong (it includes the domain name 2x) eg.:

dev.domain.com/162/xiaomi-yi-smart-car-dash-camera.jpg - the link already contains the "domain part" 

http://dev.domain.com/dev.domain.com/162/xiaomi-yi-smart-car-dash-camera.jpg - when inspecting the link the domain is duplicated


I have access to all files and database, i know a bit of php but i couldnt find how to correct this error.

The error is present on 1.6.x and 1.7.x versions.

What i want is remove the domain part from the link and let PS add the domain part.

I think is somwhere here the error:

$link = $context->link;

        $image_type = ImageType::getImagesTypes();

        if (!empty($images[0]['id_image']))


            if (Configuration::get('PS_LEGACY_IMAGES'))

                $image_link = Tools::getShopDomain(true).'/img/p/'.(int)$p_id.'-'.$images[0]['id_image'].'-large.jpg';


                $image_link = $link->getImageLink($link_rewrite[0]['link_rewrite'], $images[0]['id_image'], $image_type[0]['name']);


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Ok i found a solution, or a way to solve my problem please advice me if i'm wrong.

I modifyed /classes/Link.php directly, as in the override folder there was already some Link.php (override).

So what i modifyed: in Links.php i added another function, practicaly i copied the "public function getImageLink"

and make this change in the last line of that function.

from this:

return $this->protocol_content.Tools::getMediaServer($uri_path).$uri_path;

to this:

return $uri_path;

For any further asisstance dont hesitate to contact me. 

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