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Override .css in module version 1.7 doesn't work


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I try to override blocktags.css from module blocktags, it is an .css file in the module's root directory.

I try to override this in /themes/mytheme/modules/blocktags/blocktags.css, but it doesnt work. Also tried in /css/blocktags.css etc. but no success. 

It works only in /themes/mytheme/assets/css/custom.css (changed css) ?


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I came here looking for this exact problem.

I assume the blocktags-module doesn't have a stylesheet in the [root]/modules/blocktags folder? (If it does, you should be able to override the css by using the same folder-structure in [root]/themes/your-theme/modules/blocktags - and place your css in the equivalent place.)

What I ended up doing was:
1. Register the new stylesheet (Basically tell Prestashop there is a new stylesheet available) in a php-file that extends the module-php, and place it in the [root]/override/modules/module-name folder (You probably have to create this folder). It should look something like this:

    class BlocktagsOverride extends Blocktags
        public function hookHeader()
            $this->context->controller->registerStylesheet('modules-blocktags', 'modules/'.$this->name.'/css/blocktags.css', ['media' => 'all', 'priority' => 150]);

2. Create the new stylesheet and place it in [root]/themes/your-theme/modules/module-name/css (Or wherever you point when registering the stylesheet)

3. See the magic happen (if not; clear cache and pray)


I have to add that I'm not super confident about this solution, it works, but I'm not sure this is how it is intended. What I would like is to override the php in the theme-folder (and not the [root]/override folder), because if the theme is swapped out, the css in the theme is gone which makes the override unnecessary.


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on presta 1.7.6 you can just add to your theme 
for example your module css is in here  [root]/modules/blocktags/views/css/[filename].css
module should have hookDisplayHeader

    public function hookDisplayHeader($params)
        $this->context->controller->addCSS($this->_path . 'views/css/[filename].css', 'all');

themes css should be here  [root]/themes/your-theme/modules/blocktags/views/css/[filename].css  

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