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Kindly confirm if you want to remove the same from specific pages OR all the pages. 

To remove the same from all the pages, You can use any of the following method.

1. CSS method:

Go to 

themes/default-bootstrap/css/global.css (For PS1.6)

themes/classic/assets/css/custom.css (For PS1.7)

& add the following lines at the bottom of the file. (If you are using the different theme, then need to add the lines in theme css file)

.breadcrumb {
   display: none !important;

Clear your cache & refresh the page.


2. Template change:

Edit the following file

themes/default-bootstrap/breadcrumb.tpl (For PS1.6)

themes/classic/templates/_partials/breadcrumb.tpl (for PS1.7)

(If you are using your theme then check the file according to your theme).

& Remove all the content from the file. Save the file. Clear the cache & check again.


Hope it will help.



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