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Prestashop 1.7 very very slow

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I just installed Prestashop through a Docker image (prestashop/prestashop:1.7-7.2-apache) and its so slow. The HTTP request for the backoffice HTML takes 25 seconds alone and then there's more stuff after that taking another 13-14 seconds.

This can't be right, and I am wondering if my configuration is wrong somehow. I've tried it using XAMPP (so outside of Docker) and it was still slow.

I've attached a screenshot of my backoffice information screen with all the versions and stuff. And the Firefox network tab that resulted from doing a fresh load (CRTL + F5).


Could anyone help me identify the slowness so I can fix it?




I just ran it using the prestashop/prestashop:latest image. This uses PHP 5 instead of 7. But it's strange that this should be so much faster, because I thought PHP 7 is supposed to be a huge breakthrough in speed..?

It seems to be much faster now, but still taking 7 seconds to load.. which feels incredibly slow:


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Yeah, 1.6 is still a better choice in terms of speed. 1.7 is barely acceptable on my local server

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