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Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '[' in .../index.php on line 51

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Gal kas esate susidūrę su tokia klaida instaliuojant prestashop_1.7.4.1

Naršyklė išmeta klaidą  Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '[' in /..../index.php on line 51

Vevykdo index.php instaliavimo metu.

Pažiūrėjau failą, 51 eilutė yra aprašytas masyvas iš archivaroriaus klaidų kodų. 


function getZipErrorMessage($errorCode) {
    $errors = [
        ZipArchive::ER_EXISTS => "File already exists.",
        ZipArchive::ER_INCONS => "Zip archive inconsistent or corrupted. Double check your uploaded files.",
        ZipArchive::ER_INVAL => "Invalid argument.",
        ZipArchive::ER_MEMORY => "Allocation error. Out of memory?",
        ZipArchive::ER_NOENT => "Unable to find the release zip file. Make sure that the prestashop.zip file has been uploaded and is located in the same directory as this dezipper.",
        ZipArchive::ER_NOZIP => "The release file is not a zip file or it is corrupted. Double check your uploaded files.",
        ZipArchive::ER_OPEN => "Can't open file. Make sure PHP has read access to the prestashop.zip file.",
        ZipArchive::ER_READ => "Read error.",
        ZipArchive::ER_SEEK => "Seek error.",

    if (isset($errors[$errorCode])) {
        return "Unzipping error - " . $errors[$errorCode];

    return "An unknown error was found while reading the zip file";

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