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file manager source popup displaying admin panel


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I'm using Prestashop 7.1 and getting an issue with the wysiwyg text editor when trying to upload an image.

I click on 'source' and instead of the file picker, I get the admin dashboard appearing in the iframe window!

The file it seems to be trying to access is:


however, if I stick a 'die()' at the top of this file, it is not getting there a all. Instead it is getting redirected to:


I'd be grateful if anyone has any thoughts or suggestions, as it's really doing my head in now!



Screen Shot 2018-07-13 at 05.22.48.png

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I discovered this was because I was running Prestashop on Laravel Valet via this driver: https://github.com/markahesketh/prestashop-driver-laravel-valet 

It also was not displaying product images correctly. I suspect this was to do with Valet running Nginx rather than Apache and throwing the Prestashop re-write rules out of whack.

I have since run it on MAMP with Apache and everything is running fine!

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