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Search result contain matching all the key words


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Search result

When i search  key words eg.  '1992 honda civic coilovers'  need to show products matching all the words.

now it search each word on products. so when a product matching a word 'honda' and not matching other words it show in results.

any solution  ?

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I do not know why, but the topic was deleted.

Google cache: https://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:GjDEw2NSOe4J:https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/597944-search-two-or-more-words/+&cd=1&hl=ru&ct=clnk&gl=en

Solution herehttps://getyourshop.ch/prestashop-search-fixed-for-ps-1-6-1-10-to-1-6-1-16/
Say thanks Scully.

But, I has another problem. Please, anybody help.

How to make a search by the position of the words in the query?

Now it searching by the product ID. The lower the ID, the higher in the search results.



Two products.

The first product named "Me and You" has ID - 100

The second product named "You and me" has ID - 10

Search query: "me and you" (without quotes)


Result: The second product named "You and me" will be the first in the list, because its ID is lower than the first. The position of words does not matter.

How to solve this problem?

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Hello, I don't understand why all the possible solutions to the search matching all words have been deleted? Can anyone please explain overall what needs to be done? Please do not tell me to check the weight preferences, it is lost time, it will still search words one by one. How do I make Prestashop ANY VERSION show search results for products that match ALL words in the query? Is your prestashop really doing this? None of my prestashop version has ever done the search properly, and it is, by far, the largest issue that this software has. Impossible to find anything in my 3,000 products shop.


Thanks for any directions.

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Another BUG never fixed. Prestashop waste your time. Move away . An ecommerce that has not an usable search .... What else 


Wich version of ps you use ? For 1.7 I found this 



If you have your own server and you can install software (ex Ubuntu) you can reach your goal installing the elastich search module and elastich in your server. I have on 60k product and work great. I need to have a simple search working on hosting that dont allow to install elastich and for small site (<10k product). Today I will try to use the 1.7.1 search class or copy the query .

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