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Stuck in debug mode?


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Prestashop running on  my own VPS, i got a weird thing going on.

In the backoffice when i want to add a product to a existing order i get this error 

Notice: Undefined index: customized_product_quantity in /home/XXX/domains/XXX.nl/public_html/cache/smarty/compile/d3/05/a8/d305a842fc95fba6488679874f36119e7378c215.file._product_line.tpl.php


And in the backoffice when i want to create a new order i cant add products. 
So first things first, i enable debug mode. The weird thing is... as soon as I enable debug, it all works perfectly fine! 
I already disabled all overrides, and non-prestashop modules.  The console does not give me any errors either. 

Any idea is welcome,
THanks! :)

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