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Hi, I've just downloaded the Homepage Ajax Content Slider and installed to my Prestashop. It seems to work ok but I can't place it at the top of my homepage where the main picture is. It's at the bottom of the home page!!
Can someone please help???

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Why has no one answered this question. I have also paid for this plugin and it has no instructions on how to get it to work. I installed the module uploaded and imported the image into the module, placed the module on my homepage and it still has yet to show up.

Can someone please help us, we really need it

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The Ajax Content Slider module is poorly supported, if you are the type of user who likes to have support from the developer then I'd recommend to use a different slider.


I had the same issues and opted to buy a new slider. Unfortunately, Prestashop will not refund your money even though they advertise the module as fully supported.

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