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Ok, so I am writing a module to email people license keys that I generate. I'm using the open source library truelicense, and the keys are binary files, so I need to send them as attachments. In order to do this more easily I am using the pear Mail and Mail/mime libraries. That's where the problem started. The module has the following functions:


in order to test it I just made a dummy order paid for with paypal sandbox, and I go to the back office and set the order status to payment accepted to trigger the module.

sendKey is the only one that needs the pear stuff, so it was the one I wrote last. When


isn't at the top of the file, and sendKey is left blank, the module doesn't send a key, but it does exit just fine and go back to the order screen and the payment status is updated. As soon as I include Mail and Mail/mime, it doesn't return to the order status screen anymore, like the script has an error in it. But the whole module seems to work, I get my key mailed to me as an attachment, I get an email notifying me that someone bought something that required licensing and telling me what commandline was used and where the file was saved, I even added a line to mail me at the end of hookupdateorderstatus that everything was finished, and it gets to there. Is there some trick to this?


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