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[Solved] (ID 1) cannot be saved, cvs import


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so i manually put this" "Stocked in China into ps_product_lang::available_later field.
the cvs import tool does some error checking and does not like html in this field.....
what i didnt expect is if only update the fields name,id,img() that it would do error checking on whats already in the db, WOW.
anywho i need to disable this error checking where do i start???

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and a picture of ps_product_lang row one. i think the available_later is the problem
(edit) content of the DB before the insert/update


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It's line 192 of classes/Product.php that prevents you putting HTML in the available_later field:

'description' => 'isString', 'description_short' => 'isString', 'available_now' => 'isGenericName', 'available_later' => 'IsGenericName');

The isGenericName function generates an error if you use any of the characters ^<>;=#{}

To allow HTML, change the line to:

'description' => 'isString', 'description_short' => 'isString', 'available_now' => 'isGenericName', 'available_later' => 'isCleanHtml');

This will allow all HTML except Javascript and events.

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