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Combination / Product Attribute for fast food

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Good evening to everyone,

I apologize if I ask the question in the wrong forum but in fact I could not understand who to turn to, I'm trying to create and manage my first store in prestashop and I ran into a difficulty that at the moment I can not overcome so I hope to receive some advice / suggestion here :)


The shop is for a fast food, the current menu already operating in the fast food has several categories of dishes that I have already reported in the online store in the Catalog> Products

for example: pasta with sauce, meatballs, breaded slices etc. etc.

but for the product "salad" instead I have a big difficulty because this dish can be composed using only 4 ingredients on a list of 15 available.

The choice is obviously at the discretion of the customer but once chosen the 4 ingredients he can not add others.

Now I had created the dish named "Insalatone" and among the Attributes I had put the various ingredients: potatoes, tomatoes, bocconcini etc. etc. the value of these Attributes I set it using a Radio Box and are therefore two value in all Attributes: YES and NO

After that I went to the Combinations where on the left I find YES / NO potatoes, YES / NO tomatoes, YES / NO tidbits, etc. and there I entered the Combinations and then I Generated the combinations: 

for example I can make it this dish:

insalatone with: potatoes SI, tomatoes SI, tuna SI, cheese SI


insalatone with: tomatoes Si, lattuce SI,  tuna SI,  olives Si



But I meet some difficulties:

1) I do not know how to limit the customer to select just 4 ingredients (attribute). At the moment I can practically select them all and it's not good

2) Considering that I now have 8 ingredients (attribute) , the combinations that have been generated are many, but if I wanted to add another new ingredient (attribute) to the already created combinations, I first have to delete them all and recreate them again adding the last ingredient / attribute?

I looked at some addons on the combinations of products but there are various prices and skills for this I confess to have difficulty understanding which one is suitable for my needs,


I hope I have explained as clearly as possible and to receive some advice, if needed I can attach a few screens to see how the customer shop looks.

Thank you in advance for any suggestions.

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