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Variants/Combinations VS Customization


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Not a new problem...


I'm selling Photography & Computer Hardware and more on proPCH.

For MacBooks I offer customization, for that I use the prestashop combinations.

For 1 unique MacBook I have roughly 8 combination, each with stock 1 and different price. Sometimes I sell the same unique Laptop thrice a day.

Although more money in my account is nice to have, I cannot fulfill two of the three orders. Which means more backorders, more angry customers, more customer support.


Prestashop customizations is out of the question, I need a custom price for each different upgrade.


What I need are variants with central stock management (same stock for all variants). A unique item can only be sold once. I will put up a bounty of $100.


I'm open for any other suggestions about improvements and feel free to report any bugs you may encounter. I will also review your store in exchange.

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