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Prestashop Social Login – Sign-In using Social Networks for Versions 1.6/1.7

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Hi All,


A social login is a kind of single sign-on where user use existing login information of a social network like Facebook,Twitter,Google+ etc to log on to a website, instead of creating a new log-in account specially for that website.

Social login helps in higher conversion rate for registrations of customers.

Social login helps in higher conversion rate for registrations of customers. 
It is a mission critical tool that websites must provide, if they’re asking for user registrations. With this login tool, users can sign up for a site using their social network credentials. They can take their pick from networks such as Facebook,Twitter,Google+,many more and use their account information from that specific network to sign into a PrestaShop online store.
Social credentials will only be shared if the purpose of your website is clearly visible and understood. Displaying clarity of purpose is one of the ways to improve website credibility, and thus get people to use Social Login on your site.
Social Login is an integral part of your website’s social media matrix because it makes the lives of your user’s easier, and by association also helps create an environment for better user engagement.
- Simple. Easy. Fast = More sign-ups.
- Permission-based contact details like email ID can be pulled in from the social networks.
- Most people only have one social profile on each network, making the retrievable data more authentic. Fake emails will no longer penetrate your sign-ups!
- Social logins provide familiarity
- Gain tremendous visitor data
- Easier conversions, especially on mobile
- Validated Email registration to overcome wrong emails problems.


- Possible lower cart abandonment
- Helps in time consuming registration process, make creating account easy and fast.
- User Engagement Friendly.
- Helps in enhancement of user’s experience on online store.
- Fully responsive 100%.
- SEO friendly.
- Support all browsers: Firefox, Chrome, IE, Safari etc.
- Light weight. (Smaller file size which load faster.)
- Increase sales, conversion rates and products promotions.
- Maintain existing customers & Attract new customers.
- Lower marketing expenses, exposure to potential customers, reach targeted audiences.
- Compatible with PrestaShop 1.6.x and 1.7.x.
- Multiple browsers compatibility (IE, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome and Edge).
- Mobile, Tablet and all devices compatible.
- Multi-language and Multi Store compatible.
- Module works without doing any change in existing file on PrestaShop store versions.
- 24*7 Support
- Good Documentation.


Buy module using below link


For demo on version 1.7.x visit below links

Front-office Demo URL => https://hrms-systems.com/presta-addons/en/

Back-office Demo URL => https://hrms-systems.com/presta-addons/admin619j6kpbb/


For demo on version 1.6.x visit below links

Front-office Demo URL => https://hrms-systems.com/ps6_demo/en/

Back-office Demo URL => https://hrms-systems.com/ps6_demo/admin780vmfz2d/

For list of modules on PrestaShop Addons Marketplace.


Youtube Demo Video.



Benefits for customer :

- Helps to easily login with social account and avoid remembering username and password for account.
- Helps to save customer's time.
- Helps to login on multiple devices and different browsers in multiple operating systems used by customers.
- Greater personalized experience
- Possible fewer failed logins

Installation :

 Upload module zip file from back-office Module & Services menu tab
- Install module using install button.
- Visit module management page from back-office "More" area (section)
- Position module in left menu using Modules & Services => Positions Drag and Drop option.
- Please watch module installation,configuration and how to use video on our youtube channel.
- Module works without doing any change in existing Prestashop file so that existing customization and theme change do not effect.
- This prestashop addon was developed for versions 1.5.x,1.6.x and 1.7.x, guaranteeing full compatibility with PrestaShop's ecommerce software.
- We provide free technical and feature support in installation,configuration, as well as access to updates available for this product.
- Free support on installation,configuration and customization as per store requirements for example new hook addition on your store.
Social Networks Apps to get Client ID and Secret Key for Social Login
Twitter Apps URL => https://apps.twitter.com

Screenshot from 2018-06-17 07-50-40.png

Screenshot from 2018-06-17 07-50-20.png

Screenshot from 2018-06-16 02-47-18.png

Screenshot from 2018-06-17 09-11-11.png

Screenshot from 2018-06-11 09-11-03.png

Screenshot from 2018-06-16 01-48-58.png

Screenshot from 2018-06-11 08-57-50.png

Screenshot from 2018-06-11 09-00-29.png

Screenshot from 2018-06-14 14-32-49.png

Screenshot from 2018-06-15 22-42-13.png

Screenshot from 2018-06-17 15-13-21.png

Screenshot from 2018-06-17 15-12-45.png



Screenshot from 2018-07-18 07-56-01.png

Screenshot from 2018-08-05 14-44-14.png

Screenshot from 2018-08-05 15-06-30.png

Screenshot from 2018-08-05 15-22-41.png

Screenshot from 2018-08-05 14-25-52.png



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