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Need to copy Products, Combinations, Attributes, Customers, Orders, Discounts, Brands from v1.7.1.2 to v1.7.3.3


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Hi all,

I'm familiar with v1.5.

And my website version is, I just installed v1.7.3.3 and I need to copy various data's like Products, Attributes, Cominations, Categories, Customers, Discounts,and so on.

It'd be helpful if you give completed details of how I can achieve this

Already tried with many like inserted category, category_lang, category_shop records from old database to new database. But when i check in backoffice it's showing incorrect ones.

Please provide complete solution to achieve this.

Thanks in advance.

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Do something on the install of you should have a directory, upgrade->sql

the files show you the changes on the tables, just use your same old table check the files from your version to check the changes

should be easy because from your version to the last more of the changes are sizes of fields

change  PREFIX with your database and you can use the same code direct on the mysql


dont run all the script just the tables you are trying to bring to the new version, you can change the name of the table you want to change import your old ones then apply the changes





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