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Cart rules - problem coupons


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I have a problem with the coupons and that is that I currently have created one called 'Welcome coupon' that should be shown to each client that registers, but it is not happening that way.

The rule that I have applied for this coupon is that everyone who belongs to the client group gets the 10% discount coupon, that is, once they have registered.

When I go to the section my account -> my discount coupons to check that everything has gone correctly I realize that nothing appears and the coupon does not apply to the client who has just registered, what's more, nothing is shown

Attached capture, greetings and I await answer, thanks in advance.

PD: I'm using version of prestashop and I've already contacted the support of 3 months that comes with you when you buy a template and I have been told that it is prestashop problem and that the problem will be published here in the forums.

I hope to find a feasible solution as soon as possible.

Greetings and I hope someone's help please.



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