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**SOLVED** PayPal Upgrade Entire Site Disappeared both Front & Admin


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In Admin under Modules, Notifications there is PayPal Upgrade. I click on upgrade now my entire site has disappeared both Admin and Store.

There is no errors recorded in cPanel. 

Both Admin and Store is just a blank page.

How can I revert back from the upgrade or is there a fix?

PrestaShop 1.7.3

PayPal Module: PayPal & Braintree Official Module. Compatibility: v1.4.01 - v1.7.4.0 Version: 4.4.0 (6/12/2018)

Thought I would try...

Downloading the files from the add ons page then uploaded them via FTP, this did not work :(


Thank You


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Solved. New Update Available (see edit history)
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6 minutes ago, xga said:



yes same i updataed it, when i switch language error 500, with debug mode I saw error related to paypal module, i uninstalled it and now all ok.

Hello xga,

I cant uninstall it cause my admin is completely blank. Im going to upload the the PayPal files via FTP from a backup, hoping that works

as I dont know how to manually uninstall it. I get 500 error in windows but firefox, everything is blank :(

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