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BO really slow because of dir check

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It's not a request for help, but a response if some have the same issue I do.

I run on Prestashop so this "bug" may have been in the newer version, don't have time to check.

Here is the inital problem :

A week after going LIVE with a customer website, we started to have REALLY slow admin page. I'm talking between 7 up to 20 sec to load.

I spent 2 hours looking for the root of the problem and found it!

The admin always test the directories (cache, img, modules, etc.). and for some directories it does that recursively. Needles to say, it's slow when you start to have some cache piling up.

So here is my fix : override the ConfigurationTest class :


class ConfigurationTest extends ConfigurationTestCore{
	//saves 0.5/1 sec
    public static function test_img_dir($dir)
        return ConfigurationTest::test_dir($dir, false);
	//save 0.3/1sec
    public static function test_module_dir($dir)
        return ConfigurationTest::test_dir($dir, false);
	//save A LOT of time!
    public static function test_cache_dir($dir)
        return ConfigurationTest::test_dir($dir, false);

The false parameter is useless, it's false by default, just to show you what's changed (used to be true).


I hope it helps someone else and I hope there is/will be a fix for this in the future.



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