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MigrationPro addon is a scam

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I bought the "MigrationPro" addon via the official Prestashop store and asked for help a few times due to the fact that the migration tool wasn't working correctly.

After each test the problem was fixed but a different problem started.

Tried to contact the developers but they take weeks to respond to my messages and now my 90days of support is over i'm left with a not-fully working Prestashop and lost my money. Cannot make sales via my Prestashop due to the fact that the developers don't want to fix the issues.



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It is not. We have used the module nunerous times and were able to migrate all that we needed.

We did, however, have to write the author a few times and handle a few quirks here and there, but overall it's been a great experience.

Seen your post I dare to say that you probably just "farted" your problems into the dev's face and demanded a refund. That's not how module support works. That is not how any of this works...

If I may ask you another question why didn't you just hire a developer and let him or her handle it, like in the good ol' times?

Nowadays it's like everyone running this software lacks revenue and are trying to force reimbursements from hard-working developers. I have seen too many posts that are just like this one today. All shameless chargebacks. Shame on you!

Sorry for the rant, but I had to speak my mind. Otherwise this never ends...

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rule #1

never upgrade production shop,  upgrade copy...

also as you mentioned they provided early support,  these types of modules work pretty good in a vanilla PS, that is why one should always have a test copy of their shop to try 'any'  new change before going production.

my advice is post in job offers to have someone get you shop working again...

we cannot help you get your money back but in future be smarter in how you apply changes.




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