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You have requested a non-existent service "prestashop.hooks_registry".


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I've tried to change the URL from my Prestashop site and everything works, except when i login to the admin site.

After logging in I receive error 500.
With developing set to true, i see the following:


hoops, looks like something went wrong.

1/1ServiceNotFoundException in bootstrap.php.cache line 2246:You have requested a non-existent service "prestashop.hooks_registry".

  1. in bootstrap.php.cache line 2246
  2. at Container->get('prestashop.hooks_registry') in Hook.php line 939
  3. at HookCore::getHookRegistry() in Hook.php line 709
  4. at HookCore::exec('moduleRoutes', array('id_shop' => '1'), null, true, false) in Dispatcher.php line 483
  5. at DispatcherCore->loadRoutes() in Dispatcher.php line 229
  6. at DispatcherCore->__construct() in Dispatcher.php line 194
  7. at DispatcherCore::getInstance() in index.php line 96


Any Ideas how to set this one straight?

Kind regards

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