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Change text in theme below price to calculate VAT

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I'm setting up a site for a business operating in the UK that already has a site that was built in around 2003 so they're looking for some modernisation.  I've settled on Prestashop after researching a few platforms.  Despite my angst at the difficulty involved in modifying themes even for minor colour changes etc (though I understand it's the same with any platform), I've found the forum very useful so far for assistance without having had to ask my own question....... until now!

I came across a question which asked how to change the text on the default theme from 'Tax included' to 'inc VAT' or something along those lines, as the client is based in the UK and VAT is the applicable tax.  My client, is an industrial tool manufacturer and often their customers are VAT registered and it is important to my client that the inclusive and ex-VAT prices are displayed.  

As per the answer I found on changing the text using the global translation tool in the localisation settings in the BackOffice, I changed the text from 'Tax included' to 'inc VAT', but I can't seem to find a way to have both ex-VAT and inc-VAT prices displayed.  

Ideally this would be displayed where the 'Tax included' text was (now reads 'inc VAT') but if it's only possible to show this next to the price that's fine, as long as it's there, but then the Tax comment should be removed.  So for example I'd like it to read:


(£83.33 ex-VAT)

... product summary....

Or alternatively remove the bit about tax/VAT altogether and just have it read:

£100.00 (£83.33 ex VAT)

I'm 90% sure there will just be some silly setting I can't find in the BackOffice - I'd be grateful for a point in the right direction! 





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I have the same issue but in my case is for Mexico, I have the locale set to ES in the DB (ps_lang table). I'm getting on the cart and Checkout: Total (Impuestos Incl.) I want traduce it to: Total IVA incluido.

I've searched many hours on the BO for the translatiosn without success, Please let me know where can translate the tax.label variable





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