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How to create customer login in JS with api / webservice


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Hi everyone,

I try to create my app, using Angular 4 and Ionic. My api is fully set, I can get product, combination and other.

Now I try to create a login form. For doing this, I get a email and plaintext password. I try to crypt the password, matching to prestashop customer's db password. But I can't.

My request look like :


But I always get an empty array : "[]"

My prestashop version is 1.7.2.x

How to do the crypt function in JS please ?


Thanks for reply

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Hi Wrandy

I just stumbled on your topic by deleting that spam. 

But not sure if I can help you with your problem, but maybe you could try bit different approach.

So first, is there a typo in your request ? filter=mail ( filter=email) ? Maybe I ask silly question.

But other approach is to filter just by email, that should return customer and compare passwd from form and

from database ?

Check this link maybe you will find something useful. 



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Hi Razaro !
Thanks for reply. Yep, I already found the solution you suggested. The problem is to find the crypting algorythm in JS. If I use your solution, I need to send a plaintext password to a server. Server crypt and try it, only because it's a php crypting solution.

I use this solution to dev. and if I couId find an other solution it will b better. I am planning to use my own crypting solution between  JS client and PHP server in order to retrieve the plaintext password before the function "password_verify()".


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