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Fresh Setup throws 500


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I am new to prestashop, did a setup on 1and1 hosting provider; demo website throwing this error.

*ERROR*     v1.7.3.2    2018/06/02 - 13:07:47: Property Address->id_country is empty. at line 954 in file classes/ObjectModel.php

please help.




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i would agree with this being a possible reason but the problem is that it is a problem with fresh setup which leads to the fact that 1and1.com images for prestashop has an issue , they are prestashop partners but refused to fix it. :(:( 

@prestashop are you listening?


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We've had this problem (and others) with 1and1 as well. 

We have a site hosted with them and wanted to create a new dev site to test a new theme before install on our live site. 

Tried installing new installs of prestashop and they kept failing. Deleted them and tried again for the same result. 

Next we noticed the one click install for prestashop has been removed as an option on 1and1. We spoke to 1and1 customer support today (16/06/18) and they informed us that they no longer support prestashop as a one click install. 

Basically, said we can still host a site there, but they won't support one of the main benefits of using them as a hosting supplier for prestashop. 

Customer support was not helpful in the slightest at all either in trying to help fix our problem. 

@prestashop is it true they no longer support one click builds for your software? If so, how can they be the preferred hosting supplier? 

We will most likely move to a new hosting supplier. A2 Hosting appear to be well recommended, does anyone have any feedback about their service / reliability? 

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