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First of all. Change domain. It's way too complex to be able to memorize it. Its sristi shristi schristi? ;) I hope you get my point.
Out of that, add some words on copyright. Such as

Powered by Shristi SA // Copyright © 2018 // All rights reserved

Besides that, make it more interesting, not a row of 4 products for a bunch of rows and nothing different

Add data to the footer (it helps on seo)

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Thanks for the Suggestion


1. I know it is diffcult to memorize domain name but now after 6 years of it launch, I don't think that I should change the domain name. If i change the domain name then all my good will will be of no use. I already have a good credit worthiness for this name.

2. Thank You very much for suggesting Copyright point. Will definetly add this.

3.What kind of data you are talking about. Sorry but I am not enginner, can you please guide me in this?

Once again, thank you very much for taking time and reviewing my website.

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