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[SOLVED] Group Products by Subcategory on Category Page


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I'm working with Prestashop 1.7 and I would like to have my products grouped by subcategory on a category page. So it should look something like this:


Pumps (main category title)

    A Series (subcategory)

        Product 1 thumb

        Product 2 thumb

        Product 3 thumb

   B Series (subcategory)

        Product 4 thumb

        Product 5 thumb



I figured out how to make a custom template by overriding the CategoryController. In the CategoryController, I created a function to build an array of products by subcategory (The array is called 'product_list' in the code below). This array gets passed to smarty, but it does not have all of the data (like images and features) that the original $listing variable has. 


    protected function getSubcategoryProducts($parent_id) {

    	$product_list = array();
    	$i = 0;

    	// get all subcategories
    	$subcategories = $this->category->getSubCategories($this->context->language->id);

    	// get products by subcategory
    	foreach ($subcategories as $subcategory) {
    		$product_list[$i] = Product::getProducts($this->context->language->id, 0,0, 'id_product', 'ASC', $subcategory['id_category'], true);

    	// add all other products not in categories
    	$product_list[$i] = Product::getProducts($this->context->language->id, 0,0, 'id_product', 'ASC', $parent_id, true);

		// make product_list available in smarty template
		$this->context->smarty->assign( 'product_list' , $product_list );



There are other posts that ask for similar organization of products but the solutions are for <=1.6. (ie. https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/61907-displaying-all-products-from-subcategories-on-the-category-page/#comment-1278016)

The problem I have is:

1. How do I create a variable like $listing (found in templates/catalog/listing/product-list.tpl) with all the image and feature data? Or how do I sort the $listing of products to group them by subcategory?

I'm afraid that using getProducts in the code above will not work when filters are applied. Any thoughts on this?




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So I decided to sort the product $listing variable by subcategory using array_multisort.

I'm sure there is a better way but this works for now. The code below was placed in override/controllers/front/listing/CategoryController.php.



class CategoryController extends CategoryControllerCore

    public function initContent()


        // sort products so they are grouped by category


    protected function sortProductsByCategory() {

    	// get product listing
        $listing = $this->context->smarty->getTemplateVars('listing');

        // find all categories in product listing
        $categories = array();
        foreach ($listing['products'] as $product) {
        	$categories[] = $product['id_category_default'];

        // sort product listing by categories
        array_multisort($categories, SORT_ASC, $listing['products']);

        // send listing variable back to smarty template
        $this->context->smarty->assign( 'listing' , $listing );




The problem with this solution is that it doesn't take into account the order of the subcategories. It is only sorting by ascending category id.

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In the end, I simplified my categories and what I really needed was to group the products by brand (my subcategories are now brand names). I was able to set this sorting option in...

Shop Parameters > Product Settings

and set "Default order by" to "Brand". So I didn't need the custom function at all.


Also, I found out if you override the CategoryController to specify custom templates, then the template will not be used with faceted search nor with additional pages (?page=2). It reverts back to the original template. The way to get around this was to add this code to the top of 



{if $category.link_rewrite=='pumps' or $category.id_parent == 362}
    {include file='catalog/_partials/category/pumps.tpl' product=$product}

The new template (templates/catalog/_partials/category/pumps.tpl) was a modified version of template/catalog/_partials/products.tpl

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