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[Module] Easy country and zone manager

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Hi folks

Here's a brand new and fresh module that can ease the whole onboarding process, by giving you an easy to use drag and drop interface to manage countries inside zones, plus it will allow to enable or disable all countries with just one click!


Easy country and zone manager


We are sure that almost every shop owner was in the situation when he struggled to enable some countries and move them around to another zone. You as an admin, before onboarding, or even after, need to do this ONE BY ONE which is a time consuming process! Or what happens if the default Prestashop zone configuration is not what you need? Not each carrier limits shipping zones to exact continent borders, or they might use several combos, and several separate ones inside a single continent too. In this case owner must create new zone, rename old ones and need to move countries around. Did we say how much time this can take? Or did you already experienced?

Well no more, as Easy country and zone manager gives you a simple drag and drop two panel interface to do this, plus adds some other tools like enable or disable all countries at once.

And that's it! A simple, straight forward tool, with a few but directly need oriented options and features. Check the gallery and follow the link to puchase!


Features list:

Prestashop Addons:

Module is compatible with Prestashop 1.7 and Prestashop 1.6.


Are you missing a feature?

Let us know and we will help! We are an agency with Superhero status, we answer fast and here to help and assist! Both for before and after sales support. Don't hesitate.


Check out the gallery





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