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How to Hide Email Addresses from employees?


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Hi everybody, please is there some one that know how to hide the customers personal informations as "email addresses" to the employees in PS 1.7?

For example if I give access to them to the Customer Service they can get all the contacts i have in the shop and i wouldn't like this.

I really hope that someone can help me. 

Thanks in advance


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Yes because the employees have just the possibility to answer the tickets by the Customer Service and that them have to do, so it's not clever to share those informations to them.

Infact those informations (customers and providers informations as email addresses and telephone numbers) are collected with big sacrifices from an admin investing energy, time and money to create a brand/shop and let it work good, so it's not nice that a sly employee can take/steal all the more important part of your work (the contacts) and was also theached by you how to manage the work, to become your near competitor.

I'm telling this because I have seen the last month, an employee of a company where we buy some products that have copied all the list of contacts of that company and have reopened another company by him own with all the contacts stolen/toke from the other company and have recontacted all the clients of that company by selling the same things. As you can imagine this is not a good and honest thing, so I don't want that this thing will succed also to me and I thing that many others admins think the same.

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