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mysql database, deleted some necessary files, products don`t work


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I need you help as soon as possible. I started delete unnecessary records in DB, and now in admin panel (back office) cannot see any categories of products. I wrote “catego..” and started clear, but after that i cannot see anything.
See photos. Please, i need help. I do not want reinstall.

I dont remember where i deleted records, somewhere in this 6 positions. HEEEEELP ME !

Home category is missing. Sitemap does not showing "Home" category.



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are you saying that you removed records from the database without knowing their function, and without backing up the database??

back up the data you still have, reinstall, then reimport the data.. pray that it works once your done.

alternatively.. create a subdomain, install prestashop on it with a new separate database and review the structure. you can then add the appropriate records to the category tables to make it work again.

if you are going to DELETE, UPDATE, INSERT into the database outside of the prestashop admin, always back it up first.

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