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Print invoice without phone number in delivery address


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We currently use integrated labels so I'd like the delivery address to print in the location of the peel off label. With a few adjustments to the template (remove shop address, change % of table widths etc) this works fine.

The BIG problem is that the address contains the phone number. Customers do not want their phone number on the address label. How can I remove this? What I need is to separate the phone number info from the address variable so I can print the address to the invoice without the phone number. I've had a look at the PHP files but I'm not an expert developer so I've not been able to figure it out.

I know I can change preferences in the localization-> countries settings but this isn't a sensible solution.

If there's a suitable module I'm happy to go with that.

Thanks for any help.

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Hi, for delit customers phone number from PDF you can put this

(next id, NULL, NULL, 'PS_INVCE_INVOICE_ADDR_RULES', '{"avoid":["phone","phone_mobile"]}', 'date', ''date'),
(next id, NULL, NULL, 'PS_INVCE_DELIVERY_ADDR_RULES', '{"avoid":["phone","phone_mobile"]}', 'date', 'date');

in ps_configuration.


Good luck !

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