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Issue with my Website Cart


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Dear Sir,

I have installed the Payment Gateway and its running in test mode.

Now we want the Home Phone & Mobile No. as mandatary for registration as these is needed by the Payment Gateway.

Now the main issue is:
When we add an product in the cart and proceed for checkout and click the payment gateway to make the payment we are redirected to the Payment Gateway Server and after the payment has been authorised by the bank the bank redirects to our website .. we recevie the email saying an payment has been authorised by the bank… but in our website the Shopping cart still shows the product as not ordered. My order section shows blank. And the same product is still lying in the cart.

Please let us know what can be the issue.

Our website : http://www.home.technoguru..in/shop

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Usually when customer finished, payment server will redirect customer to your store. After that Payment server will send a confirmation to a page (for Paypal moduile, it is /modules/paypal/validation.php) that will validate the order and create order. Once order is created, the shopping cart contents should be disappeared automatically.

I guess something went wrong in Payment module validation page.

But also be noted, there might be a few seconds delay. It means when customer is directed back to your store, but the payment server has not sent back the confirmation yet. In this case, the cart content is still there, but it will disappear in a few seconds. try to wait for a few seconds and refresh your page.

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