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Translation file encoding change after update in BO


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Hi folks!

I'm using Japanese translation pack, but as it is not totally complete yet, I need to make some changes by myself.

All japanese translation files are encoded in UTF-8, as it should be, but after I update some fields in "Modify translations", the files are saved in ANSI encode. As a result, *ALL* japanese words are corrupted, and I need to update it again to server and make all the changes in text editor, not using the Prestshop admin interface.

Someone can tell me if is it a bug? I guess that file encode should not change.


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Thank you for your reply. :)


Yes, something about the encoding is getting messed up when saving the translations in BO.


I already found that stackoverflow post and tried making utf-8 the default encoding in both php.ini and .htaccess but it still wouldn't fix it. But I will try checking it again thought.


Another thing I noticed is that prestashop will get show an error when trying to save japanese characters in the shipping estimate field. Maybe somehow related?


Would still appreciate any guesses.

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