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Trouble when creating new language.


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Greetings good friends of PrestaShop. I'm from Malaysia, currently trying so hard to create a Malay Language pack for PrestaShop. But i could not pass an error that annoys me. I have created a new language (which in my case, my mother tongue, Malay) in the Tools>Language>Add new. Then, I have entered all fields in the tools>translation>modify translation, translating all words, phrases and sentences into Malay language, but when i pressed the 'update translation' button, the programme just saved half of my translation, up until 'manufacturer-list (8 expressions)'. i have tried delete the language and tried to create a new one, but the same problem occurs. Please if any of you guys have the solution for my problem, please share.



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It could be that the creation of the new files creates an error because of server issues.

What you could do is first add the new language and then copy the English translation to your new language.
This makes sure that all files are copied and created.
Then try to change some, not all, and save them.

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If module translations dont apply (that is "category, bestsellers, manufacturers ..." still in english, and the reason is probably for changing template) replace your admin/tabs/AdminTranslations.php with the original (same file from install paket)...

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I add that problem in the past on Prestashop 1.2!
What Prestashop version are you using?

But I think like TropischBruin, it was a server problem.

As I always repeat, Before installing a Prestashop, ask in this forum about the Hosting Provider!

Good luck :-S

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