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[SOLVED]URGENT !!!! I want to insert a specific URL to the category image and subcategory images, how?


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I want to insert a specific URL to the category image and subcategory images, how?
I put the examples how it should be modified in my opinion for guidance, but it was trashed.
I don't know why?
Title: URGENT!!! inserting URL for Category Image as well as subcategory
Message:As this topic does not comply with the
forum rules,
it has been deleted.
That's not the point for this thread. I must have done something wrong.

So basically,
(1) I need to modify BO page, right? to have the input asking for the specific URL
for this image and when it is saved,

(2) where it is saved? for me to retrieve using php code.
(3) how can I retrieve the save specific URL

That retrieval would be the one to replace of the one in the current category.tpl?

/// --- how about using friendly URL? I will try and come back to this forum -
/// --- What is the definition of friendly URL in the category page for edit in BO?

(1) I decide to use description input field as a URL for the specific image.
(2) Comment out the description printing area in the category.tpl
(3) Insert this " {$category->description}" should be inside the

<!-- Category image -->
       {if $category->id_image}



<!-- Category image -->
       {if $category->id_image}



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