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Problem with validation?


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Good Day fellow prestashopers

Recently I have been presented with a weird problem that occurs to the clients of my eshop. One of my clients kindly enough send me a screenshot of the error that she was getting when trying to make an order. Even though she was presented with the error screen the order did pass through but not email message was sent to the client as well as the order in the backoffice had no status attached to it (ussually the proccessing in progress status is selected if the order is COD). Since then I have noticed that more and more orders arrive in my backoffice with no status attached on them and after calling back to my clients they report that they have had some "issues" when they tried to finish their orders (I'm guessing the same message was sent to them). Anyone can give any advice on this problem and how to tackle it would make me extremely grateful.
Thanks in Advance


EDIT: It was a problem with an overide we created to use an extra field in the contact us page. That field wasnt validating and it was hitting an error in CustomerThreads.php


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