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SEO friendly url structure


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In your admin you can select friendly url.
its in the tab of your shop settings. but you need to upload an .htaccess to your root with 777 permisions

open wordpad and save a blank document ass .htaccess. and save it.
then upload it to your root of the server.

then switch the option friendly url on in your admin of the shop in the settings tap.

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Hi !

Im following this post because im with the same "problem" ...
I've created the .htaccess file with 777 persmissions and i've activated the "friendly url" option in the admin page.
Now if i point to the "category" sections it seems like "subfolders" are friendly but desappear the images in the main page 'cause the images are
referred to an non existing folder and if i click in a product it doesnt exist any more and let me in a 404 url not found page.

I've read that i've to change some lines in my .htaccess file ... i've to put something like
"RewriteEngine on" in the first line ...
But it seems not working ...
I've searched around and found this http://www.addedbytes.com/for-beginners/url-rewriting-for-beginners/
but i cant see the pics and i cant click in section anymore ...

i must learn much more about rewriting ...
i think my hosting provider with apache ... admits the url fordwarding ... but i dont know how to do it ...

Thank you in advance !!

P.D. NOT BEING URL FRIENDLY AFFECTS SEO ¿? obviously its "harder" to refer to that link in twitter .. facebook and so but ... whats up with google bot ¿?

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