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Prestashop product edit saving issue


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Hey guys,

I recently upgraded from Prestashop to, hoping that I could save product edits without seeing the "Unable to save settings" pop-up, but the issue still appears, just for products with multiple combinations (over 60, 70 combinations per product). 

I have a product as a reference, product which has 257 combinations. When I try to save it, that pop-up with "Unable to save settings" appears and the console logs an error from main.bundle.js file located in admin/themes/new-theme/public (the well-known token issue).

If I stay on the same page for about 2 minutes and I hit save again, it works. I get "Settings updated."

What could be the issue here? Again, it happens only for product with more a lot of combinations (over 50, 60). The others are working from the beginning, even if those have 1, 2, 4 combinations.


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